Our Frequently Asked Questions attempts to provide answers to the most commonly asked questions relating to our products and services. If you don’t find answers to your questions here, please get in touch with your nearest Stewarts & Lloyds branch.

Can I save water with a properly designed and installed irrigation system?

Most definitely. Rain Bird sprinklers spray water very effectively. A whole range of Rain Bird Timers and sensing devices are available from S&L Irrigation Branches.

You can program your timer to irrigate during low wind and cooler weather conditions.

You can calculate how much water each sprinkler uses and by setting run times you can even calculate water usage.

Adjustable Rain Sensing devices will stop your irrigation cycle during a rain storm and will resume after a preset drying time has elapsed

How do I determine how much water is available for my irrigation system

You would need an  accurate pressure gauge, valve, fittings and a suitable container to simulate water consumption and pressure needed to calculate flow and pressure.

A Stewarts & Lloyds Branch would be able to advise you on how to go about finding the necessary equipment to perform the test.

For assistance call our Customer Service Helpline on 011 608 0155.

How many sprinklers can I install on one line?

Each sprinkler is designed to use a specific amount of water at a predetermined pressure.

If you know how much water is available at a specific pressure and what size and type of pipe you are going to use you would be able to work this out.

You can call on a Stewarts & Lloyds Branch  or call the Irrigatiion branch on 011 608 0155  to assist you with your calculations.

How far do I space the sprinklers from each other?

When sprinklers are spaced next to each other their spray pattern must overlap with the sprinklers  alongside.

A sprinkler that sprays 5m must be spaced at 5m (100% overlap) to prevent any dry spots.

Each sprinkler has a distribution uniformity along the throw.

If the radius (how far a sprinkler sprays) of a sprinkler is reduced by more than 25% from standard you may  end up with a bad distribution pattern

How much does an irrigation system cost for my garden?

A small garden with a lot of detail would need more sprinklers, pipes and fittings to reach each corner and will ultimately cost more per square meter than a big open garden.

The available water and pressure to irrigate your garden will have an influence on the design of your irrigation system.

Less water and pressure effects the sprinkler choice and would normally require more sprinklers, pipes, fittings and valves to irrigate a specific area. You probably have guessed it by now, there is no quick answer as to how much it will cost for an irrigation system without lots of accurate information.

Call us at the S&L Irrigation Branch on 011 608 0155 and let us advise you on what it will cost to install an irrigation system in your garden.